Another great episode! A few items for consideration.

1. Regarding transmission needs, the growth in demand over the last 10 or so has been quite significant. Do you know if anyone analyzed that demand growth in comparison to transmission investment or capacity growth to see how much we are behind in transmission?

2. While I know there are many things that would need to be addressed if the Texas grid were to significantly expand interconnect with external grids, but as Michael Webber and others have said, we have figured out how to interconnect energy molecules beyond Texas borders, why can't we figure out a way to do it for energy electrons?

3. Regarding firming, does the LLCA that was mentioned take into account the physically realities of the energy source? It would seem like the "averages" discussed would need be better determined by calculating by the hour and season rather than an average over the year, if that is how it is currently done.

4. If being able to deliver gas to power plants at peak times over the next 40 years is going to be harder and harder as was mentioned, why don't we more strongly consider other approaches - like batteries?

5. And when this CEO and others in Texas mention that renewable energy sources get more subsidies than gas and coal, be sure to remind that those sources get the largest subsidy of all - the ability to dump heat trapping trash into the atmosphere for free...

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Clarification- I should have written ELCC, not LLCA.

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