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Mailbag! - Demand Growth, Microgrids, Dynamic Transmission, and More!

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Mailbag! - Demand Growth, Microgrids, Dynamic Transmission, and More!

In this episode of the Energy Capital Podcast, I answer listeners' questions a range of energy and electric grid topics

On the latest episode of the Energy Capital Podcast, I dive into our listeners' questions on a wide range of energy-related topics. Listeners reached out over the past week with questions on demand growth, microgrids, civic engagement in state energy policy, retail choice, water heater energy efficiency and demand response, the potential for reconductoring, and much more.

This is our first ever mailbag episode so we would love to hear your feedback. Let us know if you would like to get more episodes like these and/or your thoughts on what we talked about.

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Time Stamps

0:21 - ERCOT’s projected demand growth

05:26 - Larger retail businesses and microgrids

9:04 - How residents can make their voices heard in policy, regulatory, and business decision making related to the energy system

12:31 - Resources and organizations for policy and regulatory engagement

15:15 - How energy industry professionals can make a difference and shape the conversation of grid policy

18:03 - Heat pump water heaters and their potential to reduce demand

25:47 - Upgrading transmission lines in Texas, reconductoring, and dynamic transmission

Show Notes

A Skeptic’s Take on AI and Energy Growth, Shift Key Podcast from HeatMap

Public Citizen

Solar United Neighbors

Office of Public Engagement at the Public Utility Commission of Texas

Demand Flexibility of Water Heaters from the American Council for and Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE)

A Powerful Priority: How Appliance Standards Can Help Meet U.S. Climate Goals and Save Consumers Money by Joanna Mauer and Andrew deLaski 

US Energy Information Administration: End Uses

The Clean Grid Initiative

“Grid-enhancing technologies” can squeeze a lot more power from the existing electric grid

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