Sitemap - 2023 - The Texas Energy and Power Newsletter

Watch "Putting the Pieces Together for a Reliable, Affordable, and Sustainable Grid"

Consumer Costs at Heart of Conflict Between ERCOT and the Independent Market Monitor

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Punishment for Batteries while Gas Skates Free

ERCOT Needs an Independent Review

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What does ERCOT’s Failed Procurement Mean?

PUC attempts to rein in ERCOT, protect consumers

On the Ballot: A Taxpayer Funded Bank for Gas Plants

A Peek at the Summit

Performative and Perfunctory “Preparedness”

ERCOT’s summer review is misleading and incomplete

ERCOT calculates a 1:7 chance of outages in December; could be worse in January and February

Quick previews of upcoming PUC and ERCOT Board meetings

Skate to Where the Puck Is Going

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A new era for Texas' rural electric co-ops, or more lumps of coal?

ERCOT Has More Questions to Answer

Is ERCOT attempting to "eighty-six" batteries?

Ask Me Anything during the ERCOT Board Meeting Thursday morning

The PUC's Priorities

Ask Me Anything During PUC and ERCOT Board meetings

The Road Not Taken

ERCOT, and Texas, Need a Different Kind of Growth

THURSDAY: Live Blogging the PUC

A Year of the IRA in Texas: More Solar, Storage, Jobs, and Investment

To Increase Reliability, Texas Needs a Genius Grid

To Avoid Power Outages, We Need to Diversify Supply

Winter Is Coming — and With It, a Higher Likelihood of Power Outages

Of Heat Waves and Waves of Utility Shutoffs

The Heat is On

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Texas Has Never Had a Summer Blackout — Here’s Why That May Change

The Potential for A New Era at the Texas PUC

A Match Made in Texas

Is the Texas Power Grid Fixed Yet?

A Free Market, If You Can Keep It

The Final Countdown

An Unmitigated — and Uncapped — Disaster

The Most Important Bills You Aren’t Talking About

House Call: An Opportunity to Improve Grid Reliability in Texas

Mixed Message Delivered in the (Political) Theater of the Absurd

The Legislature Enters the Final Month; Grid Discussions Gain Momentum

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The CONE of Uncertainty

Texas Consumers Hang in the Balance

Senate's power plant buying spree would cost $8 billion more than early estimates

Let Them Eat Gas

Texas Legislature Moves to Raise Taxes

Texas Senate Prefers A State Monopoly To Competition

Grid Reliability — on Wheels

ERCOT's Bridge to Nowhere

Lack of vision impedes grid progress in Texas

A reliable and low cost grid is closer than you think

Local Outages Are Still Outages

What ERCOT knows and isn't telling us

Looking for Reliability in All the Wrong Places